Our beef is born and raised in the White River Valley near Meeker, Colorado. Located in the Northwest corner of the state, we are about 200 miles from Denver. Our rural location allows us to raise beef the most natural way possible, the way we believe it should be done. Our cattle graze on over fourteen thousand acres through combined private and national forest land. Our cattle roam in elevation ranging from 6,200 ft in the hay meadows to over 9,500 ft in our summer permits. We believe that the mountain pastures produce high quality beef and provide a thriving environment unlike anywhere else. To go along with this, we continuously increase the quality of our beef through the genetics of our herd. 


          Our cattle truly experience the authentic western way, raised all-natural right here in the Rocky Mountains. We take pride in our cattle and want to offer you what we put on our table.

Owned and operated by Coley, Kellie, Casey, Kenzie and Kelton Turner, this ranch is located in Powell Park about five miles west of Meeker.