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All Natural Colorado Beef

Why Us

Our 100% natural beef is raised in the White River Valley on the western slope of Colorado. We guarantee that our beef is completely antibiotic and steroid free with no added hormones, and we take pride in raising our beef all-natural from start to finish, right here in the Rocky Mountains. From calving to processing, we strive to provide a natural, stress-free environment for our cattle. Our quality is unmatched, and you can prepare your meal with confidence knowing exactly where your beef came from. 

How it works




Make Room for Your Beef


Currently, we offer a full or a half beef. This may seem overwhelming at first, but we can assure you that this quantity is actually economic, convenient, and preferred over grocery stores. Whether you are shopping for a large family or just yourself, buying bulk from the ranch and cutting out the middle man saves you money, and guarantees the source of the meat. This method does take up a lot of room, so we recommend 8 cubic feet of freezer space per half beef. Make sure that you have enough space for your beef by the pick up date!

select your beef

We raise our beef to your demand so you can decide between grass fed beef from right off the pasture, or beef that has been fattened with grain before processing. Both are great choices!

Next is your package - either a full beef or half beef. A full beef is usually a good choice for larger families, while a half beef may be better for smaller families. If a half seems like to much, split it with a friend or neighbor.  

Once you have made your decision, you can order online or give us a call. After your order has been placed, we offer custom processing. You may choose to fill out a cut-sheet to your specifications, or if you're unsure you can select one of our already chosen cut packages. 

getting your beef

Our all natural beef is butchered primarily in November. After aging and processing delivery is usually late November or December. We prefer phone calls the first time you order, so we can be clear on our program. If you do place an order on the website, we will be in contact promptly and remain in contact until you receive your beef.

We currently offer multiple pick-up locations: Boulder, Golden, Grand Junction and Meeker. If none of these sites work for you, contact us and we will be happy to work with you.